Living Statue

Let us bring your event to life.

With Rustic Bob or Al Czervik. Your BIG event will never be the same once you incorporate our version of these super entertaining, fun and fascinating live performance artists. Your members love these absolute crowd pleasers. Don’t stand still too long though, book your event talent today.


This is not ordinary statue. This is an actual, 100% real living person that your members will think is an honest to goodness statue. Watch with glee as he surprises guests, either at your command or at a predetermined time. He’ll hang around, absolutely still, wherever you need him, and spring to life at the most unexpected moment. Great for selfies, photo ops, on the course, at banquet dinners, or anywhere else you can think of. He has multiple costumes to choose from and can work for eight hours straight. Whatever you need he’s up for it. A highly professional performance artist your guests will love.

Rustic Bob

Price $0 – $000
Price as shown $000