design services

Many of our clients need assistance in some form with material support for an event or even with their logo. Our company was founded by a designer and we offer you the professional assistance you may be in need of to add those extra branded details. Here are just a few of our services and samples.


This is where we impress, period. With our creative nature here are a few samples of scoreboards and some accompanying products that really take any event to an entirely different level. If you have a cool event theme in mind, just let us know. We love a creative challenge and are always available.


We provide you with a redrawn vector file logo. This is the format that is most commonly used for all your art needs. It will allow you to never have anyone request a better logo. Final product is provided in all formats needed for print or web use.


Photography of your facility is very important. We have found that many images need that extra attention to detail. Removing unwanted items from your photography and adjusting color is just some of what we can do–we take your image and make it look even better.

print materials

If you are in need of more than just a LeaderBoard we also offer our design services for collateral materials for your event. From Welcome Posters to Brochures we are a full service operation and capable of designing, printing and delivering your final products on-site with ease.