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We are a company of design and golf professionals. This combination is the engine behind the unique, customized products we offer. Our products do not originate from templates and are not software programs, we design and print your weatherproof scoreboards (it’s NOT paper) for you. This allows us to create branded products geared specifically for your event, club and facility. All of the products we create and build are custom-made for you and require some level of your assistance, answering general questions about the event format, size of scoreboard, etc.


For example, when you order a Premium LeaderBoard we will request your logo and any images you may have. Since we print in full color this one-time request will assist us in having the necessary elements for your project. We will archive these elements and always have them for future work. If the files are not what we need, we will notify you and work to help you get the elements best suited for a quality print.


TrophyBoards are custom and unique, so unique that we offer several options for the player names and results. Once we have your design finalized, we can print that names and results, or you can receive the prints blank and fill in the information in your own calligraphy hand. Below are our options.


Calligraphy names and results in your own hand.

We ship your framed print(s) to you without names or results. You simply remove the backing to extract the insert piece, fill out the player names and results, and present to the winner. This award permits you to have the piece ready with results at the time of the award ceremony.


Calligraphy results in your own hand.

You provide us your player names as soon as possible, we print the names and ship your framed prints to you. You simply remove the backing to extract the insert piece, fill out the results, and present to the winner. This award permits you to have the piece ready with results at the time of the award ceremony.


Calligraphy names and results printed by us.

After your event, you provide us with all the player names and results. We produce the pieces with all information pre-filled, and ship the framed-out prints to you.



Most frequent questions and answers. If you have a question that is not asked and answered on this page, please contact us through email or our contact page form.

Absolutely. Just email us all the necessary logo file(s) and event information we need, and we will create a design for you. Let us know the date and time you want your LeaderBoard delivered and we will provide you with a timeline of events to complete the project and have at your club in time for your event.

As former golf professionals, we understand the challenges you face on late changes or drop/adds. We work closely with you in setting a date and time to get your board in hand, usually a day or two before your event. If you have a change, simply email or call us with the name needed, and we in turn quickly email you a printable PDF to cut out and adhere on top of your old name.

Great question, yes we can. Provide us with your player list, and we will pre-print your player names on high quality crack and peel labels. This works great for late pairings and Ryder Cup dinner party pairings.

Absolutely. All our designs are custom to your format, columns, and scoring blocks. Let us know how you like it, and we can replicate it or provide a possible better solution.

Absolutely. Not everyone has a perfect scoreboard, so we create your LeaderBoard to fit your space(s) perfectly. Just provide us all your scoring area dimensions, and we create a design to accurately fit your space.

No. Our scoreboards can be easily rolled up and transported to each course for scoring. This is helpful for an interplay event or a travelling league.

Our LeaderBoards can only be scored with Sharpie inks. But don’t worry, we now have custom 5mm Calligraphy Sharpies available. We have tested every calligraphy marker on the marker, and nothing compares to the ink used in Sharpies. Sharpie is the only ink marker that will ensure your board results will be permanent and waterproof.

Don’t worry, enclosed in every LeaderBoard order is a set of crack and peel cover-up blocks to match the color of your board. So if your “Assistant” makes an error, simply go to your crack and peels and cover it up. Problem solved!

No. Dry erase marker ink will NOT be permanent on your LeaderBoard. The ink will not dry completely, and the scoring will not be able to be wiped completely off. The unique benefit of using Sharpie ink is that our LeaderBoards will not run or streak with anything that mother nature throws your way. Sharpie ink is dry and permanent within 90 seconds, so rest assured your results are there to stay.

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