material disclaimer

The digital images we use are computer renderings. There can be a slight difference between your finished product and the images here especially in the wood detail since grain varies. We make every effort to match the look of the your digital design, but understanding that barrels are rolled and stored in a natural environment, but this doesn’t mean all barrels will look the same at the end of their life cycle. We do our best to ensure each bar-rel exudes their natural character. The artistic rusting of the metal can also have variations giving our trophies true character.

Wood and Stain
Your LeaderBoard cannot guarantee wood and stain colors due to the variances in the wood’s natural color, grain, etc. and there is no way to assure the exact color of wood. Sample colors or grain may also vary as the wood may be taken from various barns, which factors involve weathering, sun or shade, etc.

The photos on our PDF materials and web site, are provided to assist you in making a choice of wood and stain, and the various grades that a given wood is offered.


Color in the photo may vary from the actual wood due to: 

  • The translation and reproduction limitations of photography 
  • The limitations of viewing photos on individual monitor with variable color & resolution • Grain and character variation will be, greater than that shown in the photos. 

• The batch of wood from which these photos were taken may vary from your product we supplied. The reasons for this variation between batches includes: – Wood is a product of nature, and as such, no two pieces are alike, while the same wood growing in different locales can vary greatly even though it is the exact same species.

Being man made the metal is consistent in thickness and weight however the artistic treatment to achieve our various appearances and finishes al-ways varies.

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