At Your LeaderBoard we listen to your needs and requests. Throughout the 2017 season we developed products that fit our uniqueness and fulfill your fresh request. HandCrafted from ReClaimed Wood, RePurposed materials, and other sources. Providing product solutions in those moments that you need to be unique. Have an idea or request? We are here to assist and with our wide network of artist’s, certainly we can present a few different ideas.

Bottle Openers

Everyone is unique in their beverage selections, as are the many options we offer to assist you in finding that different player gift. The traditional wood handle, or maybe a nice metal flat opener. Let’s take that metal opener to the next lever and custom cut the shape, and yes we can etch on it all. Customizing everything from the design, look and feel as well as the materials, creates an unforgettable player gift, let’s get into a few more details.


Cut from the same steel as our Rustic Trophies, these openers are finished lightly brushed, etched with your logo and sealed from the environment they make a nice player gift. Get our standard size or custom shaped, let’s see what we can customize for you.

ReClaimed Wood

You know the story by now, 100+ year old wood from old barns and industrial structures. With history like this, it just makes the product even better.

Wood Attitude

Colorful and dynamic is yet another way to describe these incredible color combinations. From suttle to over the top color, just ask and we can share a few of the over 150 color combinations available.

Flat Opener

Clean simple and very modern. With plenty of room to etch your logo and event name, let’s see what we can fit on this player gift.

Custom Metal Opener

Whether the shape of a state or the club emblem, this is a great way to catch your participants attention, and have them realize ‘your’ attention to detail.

Traditional Opener

Clean simple handles that really show off the beauty of the materials. Pewter and Stainless Steel finishes are available in both ReClaimed Wood and our Wood Attitude colors.

Palm Opener

A great nice comfortable fit in a non-traditional opener. The underside contains a metal plate securely screwed to the wood. Available in both ReClaimed Wood and our Wood Attitude colors.