At Your LeaderBoard we listen to your needs and requests. Throughout the 2017 season we developed products that fit our uniqueness and fulfill your fresh request. HandCrafted from ReClaimed Wood, RePurposed materials, and other sources. Providing product solutions in those moments that you need to be unique. Have an idea or request? We are here to assist and with our wide network of artist’s, certainly we can present a few different ideas.

RePurposed Bottle Candles

Enjoying a bottle of wine by the candlelight has an all new meaning. We make every effort to be eco-friendly from water based stains to find RePurposing materials. Giving bottles are receiving a second life as works of art. Perfectly smooth edges, quality wax, and with a proprietary scent it makes these candles unique. We are very particular, so even though the bottles are RePurposed, the labels are in perfect condition. Your members and guests will love the different approach you have taken in this years player gift package. Beer, wine & liquor bottles available, let’s freshen up that mancave.

Yes, Private Labeling is available

We can certainly design your candle to be even more specific and represent your brand in a whole new way. With several designs to select from, allow us to place your logo on a custom designed label. Sharp, precise and designed for you. Call to inquire about a design for your next important event or have a few retail pieces in the shop.