Bag Tags


Clearly a different kind of bag tag. Etched with club or any logo we created a very special tag that is a classy subtle addition to anyones golf bag. Custom leather snapping strap to secure to your bag. Both snaps are thicker than the tag slit so no losing your NEW favorite bag tag. Product size is 3.5”H x 2”.5“W x .25” thick.


Bringing again a new idea and approach to another traditional item. These bag tags are cut from the same steel as our trophies. Clean and simple. Custom cut, brushed and etched, with a final clear coat seal. Add the nice touch of leather with snap clips that will not run through the tag it makes for a great item.


Event Bag Tags for your specific event, why not? We carry that branding look and feel throughout with a nice and thick, two-sided print, solid acrylic bag tag. Clear elastic loop included. A perfect lasting touch to your event. Product size is 3.375”H x 2.5“W x .125” thick.