Designed to match Your LeaderBoard or stand alone award, this series of awards allow you to continue the club branding all the way through to your trophies. Our TrophyBoards are more than just awards because they allow the participants to see exactly how everyone finished in their flight. We have several options from Overall Champions, Flight Winners and MatchPlay brackets. A great trophy to adorne the wall rather than sit with the crystal on a dusty shelf. How It Works.

  • Full color and customized for your event
  • Names preprinted or write the names yourself in your own calligraphy
  • Real wood frames
  • Available in any format
  • Proudly HandCrafted in America

Member Guest & Invitationals

Match Play

It’s the road to victory from start to finish. Now you can look at the entire field and see the progression to your victory. A (nicely-sized) trophy that will overshadow any crystal or shinny plastic golfer statue.