Designed to match modern trends. What on earth are we talking about? Refurbished and reclaimed items, and especially materials. That was our starting point, and with our award winning Creative Director, we have introduced something NEW yet OLD. HandCrafted in the Southern United States. To peak your interest, we broke down the details for you on all the elements. Give us the opportunity to show you how we can ReClaim your event trophies!

Beautiful ReClaimed Wood

Let’s start from the base up, our bases are old and we are proud of that fact. We start by reclaiming wood from the southeastern United States. Our wood is at least 100 years old. How do we know? We purchase directly from reclaimed wood sources that tear down old barns. The grain of each piece tells its’ own story and creates its’ own character; nail holes, bee holes, fire burnt, or shotgun holes, we use it all. Stained and/or coated to bring out the dynamic character of the wood, and that is only the foundation.

Cut From Steel

We say cut from steel but it’s a little more intense than that. Just don’t look directly at the torch within the plasma cutter. That’s right we use a plasma cutter to create our custom designed trophies. Whether your logo or other icon we can create something unique for only your club.

Leather Etched Tags

We’re not done yet. We take it even further with the addition of custom designed leather or rusted metal trophy tags. Yes, leather tags. The leathers are available in several colors, etched, and detailed with metalic paint.

Your Input is Needed In the Design of Your Product.

This trophy is designed with you in mind. How? it is customized based upon your input, from stains, wraps, and ability to sign or also etch a in a comment. We have delivered more than your standard vase with an etched logo. And yes, you can just let our Creative Director do his thing, and comp you up a unique piece. Give us a call, and let’s get started on Your Rustic Block.