Rustic Trophy Blocks

Character defines a player, and this is a trophy that is the definition of character. Not shinny glass or perfect wood, but instead ReClaimed wood from 100+ year old structures. All have etched type and are also availabke with painted logos, leather and copper wraps. Be bold, be different, be unique, and be the FIRST, not the last to bring a fresh idea to your tournament awards banquet.


Just as exciting as it sounds. Bare wood etched with your logo and information, clear coated to bring out the aged woods beauty.


Let’s add a bit of color. Stained with etching available in color as well as your logo. All color filled etching is done before staining which carries through that old aged feel. Slightly transparent paints keep that rich wood look showing through painted areas.


Now we topdress. Designed with Leather base wraps and even copper. Bother versions can be etched with copy. Really impactfull in appearance, just ake a look to your right, that is perfect example of the beauty of our Pierced Rustic Block.

Rustic Block Size

Rustic Blocks start at a nice comfortable size of 5″-5.25″w x 9″h. As with the majority of our rustic line we also offer the MEGA size of 6″w x 11″h. The MEGA Blocks are even thicker and are also available in the 3 categories listed above. It’s just awesome.

Your Input is Need In the Design of Your Product.

This trophy is designed with you in mind. How? it is customized based upon your input, from stains, wraps, and ability to sign or also etch a in a comment. We have delivered more than your standard vase with an etched logo. And yes, you can just let our Creative Director do his thing, and comp you up a unique piece. Give us a call, and let’s get started on Your Rustic Block.

A Nice Optional Touch Designed Into Your Award.

You have the option to write a custom message to the winner. We can design a space for you, or, we can etch the message of your choice. We provide you a metallic marker with every order to add that personal touch.