Such a great accomplishment, whether the dream shot, the luck bounce, beautiful ball or the ugly duckling, let’s award that shot. We have developed quite an original collection of pieces. Based upon our other designs, feast your eyes on these. Hole-N-One Awards. Remember these are customized to your desired needs and who wants the same looking Hole-N-One Awards. We Aced this one!

Artisan Metal

Custom designed for your very special Ace. This is a HandCrafted metal flag, pianted to exactly replicate your flag. Mounted to our ReClaimed wood, and stained to your liking. A great momento for a specacualr shot.


A photo on a plaque is nice, but that is such a common item. We offer a more modern style framed piece for you to proudly display for all to see. Real wood frame, double matted, this is a nice piece for any home.

Rustic Blocks

Taking our unique Rustic Block line, we have added quite a few nice additonal touches that allow you to have a really interesting piece. With a cast iron 1 available in a wide selection of colors

Rustic Blocks

Like to keep that award on hand in the shop to present after the round? Here is how we make that possible.

Word Statements

These incorporate our metal cutting to create a piece that says out loud what you did. Congratulations, Ace!